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Emotional Intelligence

The term Emotional Intelligence was initially coined by the two psychologists John Mayer and Peter…

Cross Cultural Sensitivity

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Balanced Score-Card

The Balanced Score-Card is essentially a tool for performance measurement in companies that deal with…

Effective Feedback

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  • Intense discussion with request or team to identify and analyze their training needs.
  • Get a clear idea of existing skills and profiles of participants.
  • Customize course modules as per project requirement.
  • Implement trainers-participants interactions to gauge the content requirement and training duration.
  • An arrangement of teaching tools as per requirement.
  • Ensure active interaction and involvement of participants.
  • Provision of comprehensive study material to each participant.
  • Daily Q&A session wherein faculty clarify participant queries.
  • Faculties open to participants query clarification via emails.
  • Participant feedback on various parameters scaled for each day’s training.
  • Faculty feedback for batch/participant scaled on various parameters.
  • Tests and comprehensive evaluation of the participants.
  • Revision sessions arranged as per client requirement.


I’m happy that your company conducted this kind of workshop.

Anna Casio

I wish the program to be longer.

Ron Patrick

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Mary Joyce

Hope to have more sessions like this as this is well needed in the kind of work we have.

Mae Ann Awsta

Interesting and Interactive Training.

Rodessa Corona