While we live we are supposed to interact with human beings on both fronts, being social entity we can’t live life in silos, interactions with other human beings is very much the part of the process of living, most of our moments are occupied in interacting with people around for some or the other reasons. The process of interaction is never smooth always sometimes it comes across challenges such as conflicts, misunderstandings, dissatisfaction, fights etc. which is but obvious when interactions are part and parcel of daily living…having accepted the fact it is necessary that these gaps are controlled before they expand and spoil things cause when they cross their limits it makes hell out of life.

Holi has been an occasion when these things were resolved through fights. A learned society follows a gentleman approach for resolution of misunderstandings, dissatisfaction, conflicts if any with whoever. Resolving the friction through mutual understanding, respect is a positive approach so that the snake is killed but the stick is unaffected. Grudges, misunderstandings against anyone keep disturbing the interaction for no reason…so we need to put an end to this sort of friction by saying sorry, by accepting mistakes or by convincing the person assertively, positively about the trouble we have so that another chapter can be started in the book of positive interaction towards adding life to the days we spend together. Somewhere ego needs to be streamlined positively to begin a interactions on a new note for win win situations. Better we lose ego than losing the person cause people are important part of our life who add meaning to our existence as human beings.

People who are pained by us knowingly or unknowingly need to be considered with due care and respect on the occasion of Holi ahead so that beauty of relations is restored back. While Holi celebrations are close by let’s give it a thought.

Wishing you great Holi celebrations ahead…!!!

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