Are You Overloaded? Start Uploading!!!

Article by Dr. Pratik P. SURANA

Chief Mentor and Founder


Are you stuck? Stuck trying to rework a project or looking for the “perfect” solution? Stuck searching for the latest brainstorm, new business idea, or product stream? Are you stuck waiting for that “light bulb moment” that will pull all of the pieces together in their rightful place? Well, so are a lot of other people. As a whole, we spend a great deal of time being stuck, waiting to find “perfect,” and making ourselves stressed and miserable in the process. Why? Because we think that it’s our job to find the solution. When it’s not our place, at all, to find the answers, it’s simply our job to allow the answers to come to us. Yes, it really is that easy, we just tend to complicate the process because we’re conditioned to presume that the search must be difficult.

Have you ever gone to bed with something weighing on your mind, only to dream the solution? Ever wonder why? Well, it was the universe waiting until your brain was quiet and your mind was receptive enough to receive the answer and recognize it as the solution to what you were seeking. What about going to bed at night and just waking up with the answer having not even remembered dreaming? Do you see how powerful the universe is? And long as it is allowed, the answers will follow with much more ease than by struggling to find them.

A classic example is “tip of the tongue” phenomena. You know when you can’t remember the name, phrase, number, etc. to save your life. It’s just on the tip of your tongue, but no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to shake it loose from your memory. But as soon as you’re no longer thinking of it — TA DA! The answer pops in your head clear as day! What’s that about? See, you were thinking so hard , trying to force something to happen instead of letting it come at it’s own pace.

What have you been struggling with? Is it time to unload? Whether it is work, family, love, or life related, if the answer is not jumping out at you, try stepping back from it for a bit. Find something else to do that gives you a break, like reading a book, taking a walk, listening to music, or a change in scenery. Overloading the mind is an exercise in futility. An overworked mind is just as bad as an overworked body; neither will produce the desired end result. Try practising letting go of the need to control and direct the outcome. It can be difficult to surrender this task, so start small and you will see how easy and comforting it becomes to unload. Besides, the great ideas that you will allow yourself to receive will be well worth the effort! Or should I say effortlessness?

Then set the goals once you have uploaded.

Goals give us focus. This is especially important when we’re depressed or down on ourselves. At those times, we need to take our focus off the current situation and focus or re-focus on the overall goals and dreams . . . or maybe set some new goals. Setting goals is a lifelong process that needs to be renewed and reviewed all the time . . . at least once every few months.

But what about people who don’t think they have any goals? Rest assured, God has put purpose and goals in every one of His masterpieces (humans that is, and that means you too). If you don’t think you have any goals, ask God to let the ones He’s put in your heart and spirit to bubble up to the forefront of your mind. Some people have never allowed themselves to know what they want. If this is you, just ask God to help you in this area. It’s His greatest joy to watch you become everything He planned for you!

People who think they have no goals are usually comparing themselves to others who are exceptionally ambitious and verbal about strong personal achievement goals. You know who I’m talking about — they are the ones who talk about being the president of a Fortune 500 company by the time they’re 40, a huge music or movie star, or the biggest contractor in the city by age 35! Of course some of these people will achieve these goals, and that’s great.

Goal setting is important for all areas of our lives. * Spiritual Goals (like being more like Jesus) * Home (Family Goals like being a better spouse or a better father) * Health Goals (like losing 20 Kgs.) * Business Goals (like increase sales) * Financial Goals (like becoming debt free) * Social Goals (like making some new friends) * Charity Goals (like giving more) * Other Important Goals (like having more balance)

Correct Goal Setting Process: * Identify an overall goal or dream (let’s say that you would like to be healthier) * Break the goal down into specific goals (like losing 24 lbs.) * Set a deadline (like . . . lose 10 kgs. in 6 months) * Break it down into monthly and weekly goals (4 lbs. per month or 1 lb. per week) * Determine daily tasks (not eating desert or minimizing your calorie intake or running 3 times per week for 1 mile to achieve your goals).

Keys to happiness exercise: * Ask God for help . Take some time on finding a meaningful why and set long term goals — They can’t be someone else’s goals . . . they have to be your own. * Set realistic goals — It’s the difference between successfully reaching your goals and setting yourself up for failure.  * Be consistent with your activity — 90 percent of success is just showing up. Don’t underestimate this part. Better to commit to less and be consistent than to commit to too much and then quit soon after you start. * Visualize your why and goals at least once each week * Look at your goals and action plan several times per week and adjust it if necessary * Hint – if you’re unable to perform your daily and weekly tasks or start making excuses – spend more time on your why (you’re probably having trouble because it’s not real to you — most likely from someone else such as an overbearing parent, teacher or other influential person in your life — ask God to help you hear Him alone)

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