‪#‎FarmersSuicide‬ I am proud of my friends..Humanity is true religion.

Please share it to maximum people ..

My friends Deepak Nenwani and Premen Bothra, I am proud of you…

What an example you have set!!! I salute you..

Friends, the two friends whose names are mentioned above run their own businesses and professional practice in my home town Hingoli . This area in Marathvada region is marked as a zone with scarcity of water for drinking, agriculture and also ranks very low in Human Development Index as long as other parameters are concerned. These two friends have set an example ..

This area is also known for growing numbers of framer’s suicides in Maharashtra or country for that matter. These two have started visiting various small villages and urging the farmers not to commit suicides. They are consoling them and also talking to them about solving their problems. Premen being a doctor himself has started distributing free medicines and Deepak is helping him reach out to people in big numbers through his computer training center. This way, they have been successful in building up their morale by giving them moral support and medication for morale boosting.

Time has come for all of us to encourage and support this great initiative that these two young men have taken. At least try and share it to maximum people..Let’s build it into a big movement..Please share it ..

Proud of you my friends… Deepak Nenwani and Premen Bothara

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