How can we reduce our levels of stress and become more resilient?

Warren Buffet has a great solution. He books a meeting with himself at the end of every day, where he goes for a walk and thinks about how he has reacted or responded to issues during the day. Where Buffet finds that his thinking has caused him stress, he identifies any underlying beliefs, behaviours and habits that need to change.

This daily review process works best when you’re mind is still and you can tap into your innate intelligence, hence a walk away from all distractions is ideal.

A daily ME-eting increases awareness, disrupts sub optimal thought patterns, and clears the way for new mental patterns which support what you want to achieve.

As Buffet says, “The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken, and we then function in our dysfunction.”

….. and you wouldn’t want function in your dysfunction would you?

Have A Great Week Ahead!!

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