Performance is the only mantra for survival and growth in the Corporate sector , performance is the result of actions either driven by fear or a mechanism intrinsic or extrinsic. Fear compels people to set into action which ultimately results into performance…when we talk about Mechanism Intrinsic or Extrinsic it means system under which every body works it is devised in a manner which inspires people to chase the goals higher and higher with a positive mindset which is about Extrinsic Mechanism or a person sets his own agenda based upon his /her personal ambitions and sets into action which is about Intrinsic Mechanism which finally shifts the Professional to the next level…!!! Fear can not be the right mechanism of achieving performance especially from a long term perspective cause it has serious physical ,mental implications upon the professionals…whereas either a Intrinsic Mechanism or an Extrinsic Mechanism can be the justified path which serves long term objectives…when both the Mechanisms Intrinsic and Extrinsic are intertwined there can be a fabulous show of human efforts chasing the impossible crossing every barrier towards more for all…towards better for all…Fear should play the role of a salt ,as the quantity of salt in the food is lesser but it has valuable impact in fact without which food can not be worth eating at all similarly fear should be there in the whole game plan of achievements and performance however it has to have a proportion as the salt has in the food…so, brilliant mix of fear and Mechanism( Intrinsic / Extrinsic) can render performance from a long term perspective ,one needs to introspect and move forward…!!! Performance is driven by actions which are driven by a Mechanism with fear towards consistency of Results…!!! Do share for better…!!! Wishing you a great week ahead…!!!

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