Quantum Group of Companies

Quantum Trainings Pte. Ltd., Singapore and Quantum Infotrainers and Consultants Pvt Ltd., India, is the best training company group in the industry, known for its building capabilities across organizations.

Now as a group of two companies, we have completed 22 years of our successful existence in India and 9+ years’ proud existence in Singapore as well as in Manila. We have a wide range of experiential training programs across sectors with 500+ clients. Our experiential training programs, be it virtual or classroom, have always exceeded expectations in terms of customization and learner feedback. With 22 years of training experience domestically and 9+ years of international experience, we have 95% repeat clients. Our clients have always experienced 15%+ enhancement in their employees’ performance, consequently in their company’s growth!

Below are our company profile, a list of programs that we have recently conducted and a few clients details we have worked with, for your reference.


  • IT Skills (All Technologies- Regular & Niche)
  • Soft Skills / Life Skills / Behavioral Skills / Emotional Intelligence –
    (We are on a mission to make 1 million emotionally literate people).
  • Foreign Languages / Cross Culture Sensitivity.
  • Industrial Skills upgradation.
  • Management / Leadership programs.
  • Finance / Sales / HR / Hospitality.
  • Health / Wellness / Lifestyle changes
  • Manufacturing
  • Coaching – Our Flagship Product.

Tools We Use For training:

  • Coaching
  • Activities
  • Assessments
  • Customized Tools based on the Pain points of Clients


  • Assessments / Self Assessments / Case Studies / Activities / Roleplays / Videos / Discussions


  • 30 Days: Engagement through assignments
  • 60 Days: Five Competencies Review
  • 90 Days: Small Refresher Session


  • Customized and quality-focused approach in all our training programs.
  • 22 years of training experience, with 9+ years of International Training experience.
  • Global locations to lead future success stories.
  • 95% Repeated happy customers.
  • 25000+ Man days of training/year.
  • 500+ trainers working with us, with their best training methodology and up-to-date knowledge.
  • 90% ROI rate, which is the best in the industry.

Our Clients

We have successfully helped our clients build leadership and technical capabilities through extensive learning journeys. We are keen to associate with you and promise you quality training always.