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Emotional Intelligence Primary Test

Welcome to your Emotional Intelligence Quiz

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1. I am able to understand what makes me angry, upset, or frustrated.
2. I give up easily.
3. I can sense what others are feeling without any verbal cues from them.
4. I generally respond to a situation based on the first option that comes to my mind.
5. I have goal for my future and assess them from time to time.
6. I believe getting work done is more important than taking care of the feelings of other.
7. When faced with a difficult situation, I can motivate others.
8. I cannot tolerate people who are slow in their work.
9. I am able to share even my intense feelings with someone.
10. People can share their opinions, thoughts and feelings with me without fear.
11. I take efforts to mend relationships.
12. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses.
13. I get stressed when things don’t go as I had planned.
14. I believe expressing my emotions makes me weak.
15. I have interests and hobbies that help me improve my mood.