Making Emotionally Intelligent Work life: A Technical Report on the Training Approaches to be taken to build Emotionally Intelligent Workforce

Report Compiled by:
Dr. Pratik P. SURANA 
Ph.D. ACTP, EQ I 2.0 
Certified Practitioner Chief Mentor and Founder, 

Current interest in “emotional intelligence” has raised the question of whether it is possible to improve the social and emotional competence of adult workers. Research in training and development, sports psychology, and behaviour change suggests that it is possible, but the typical approach used in corporate training programs usually is flawed. Social and emotional learning is different from cognitive and technical learning, and it requires a different approach to training and development. This report presents 22 guidelines for developing emotional intelligence in organizations, based on the best knowledge available on how to promote social and emotional learning. We have estimated that Global business each year loses between 5.6 and 16.8 billion dollars by not consistently following these guidelines. The basis for this estimate can be found in the last section of the report. Research for this report was conducted under the auspices of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. The Consortium is made up of nine individuals from academia, government, and the corporate sector. All of the individuals are recognized experts with considerable experience in both research and consulting.