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Programs Offered

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is crucial for self-awareness, interpretation of others, reaction management, skill assessment and enhanced performance. The term Emotional Intelligence was initially coined by the two psychologists John Mayer and Peter Salovey in 1989. In 1995, Daniel Goleman turned the EQ theory into a global movement through his bestseller “Emotional Intelligence – Why it can matter more than IQ”. With this, Goleman opened up new horizons and threw light on many aspects of EQ which were previously unrealised.The 1995 model of EQ went on to enable business professionals to understand the connection between emotions and management skills. Improving emotional intelligence skills could suddenly maximize effectiveness and assist individuals to shine in regular organisational set ups. This EQ model essentially focuses on behavioral skills regarding Performance at the workplace, and with relation to Leadership.Quantum utilities this effective technique to enhance emotional intelligence levels by providing insight and skills to raise individual job satisfaction, strengthen teamwork and boost organisational productivity. Highly interactive and assessment based Quantum programmes build EQ to be a differentiator between good performance and great one.

Balanced Score-Card

The Balanced Score-Card is essentially a tool for performance measurement in companies that deal with intangible assets. The BSC also assists in managing the intangible assets effectively, especially when integrated into management systems.

The balanced scorecard is used to reinforce good behaviour in an organization by analysis of four separate areas namely learning and growth, business processes, customers, and finance. The balanced scorecard is used to attain objectives, measurements, initiatives and goals that result from these four primary business functions. Today this highly valuable management tool can describe, communicate and implement strategy.

It can be used for:

  • Performance measurement
  • Preparation of strategic objectives and maps
  • Future opportunities

Cross Cultural Sensitivity

It has been discovered that the success of global companies or joint ventures is largely governed by their levels of cultural awareness and acceptance rather than technical or professional prowess.Sensitivity to other cultures is vital for any company wishing to deal with clients, vendors, workforce, audiences, management, or even financiers from other countries.Cultural orientation includes awareness about negotiation skills, do’s and don’ts, social and professional etiquette, work styles and a host of other information that can help to secure and maintain international business relations.Quantum imparts cross cultural awareness to create mutual respect and smooth cross cultural dealings across multiple geographies. They are designed to be culturally competent, positive and enriched and to understand and cope with multi-cultural challenges.

Feedback Dynamics

The apt feedback system refers to art of giving and receiving feedback in an neutral and effective manner.
In any transformational program, it’s important to utilise our Feedback Dynamics program to record changes and make transitions easier. This program also facilitates professional relationships and communication by offering tangible results. On an individual level, it assists an employee to improve on his or her skill set through regular feedback and coaching.

These are the topics are feedback dynamics segment cover:

  • The definition of Feedback Dynamics.
  • Understanding how Feedback Dynamics works and the tools that make it work.
  • Learning the three phases of Project Management and how to assess these
  • Discussing effective goal-setting.
  • Learning how to give feedback using Feedback Dynamics.
  • Recognizing the importance of motivation.
  • Developing a performance journal and performance plan.

Customized Trainings

Quantum programs can be customised to fit an industry, organisation size, level of workforce, or location. Our customized trainings are unique need based learning experiences which deliver richer results. The boost your employees’ performance and ensure that your Return On Investment (ROI) is high.

We specialise in training for:

  • Senior Leaders
  • Front line to mid-level management
  • Sales leaders
  • Sales managers
  • Individual professionals