Behaviour Test

  1. I am often reluctant to express reservations about decisions that adversely affect me.

  2. Sometimes I feel used by others.

  3. I often keep quiet whilst others have their way.

  4. I rarely complain when services or products are not up to standard.

  5. I often find it difficult to refuse the requests of others or feel guilty afterwards.

  6. I often give in to others wishes even when they go against my personal wishes.

  7. I dislike inconveniencing others for the things I want.

  8. I sometimes have trouble expressing my views directly often doing so in self effacing ways or apologetically.

  9. I frequently make compromises to preserve harmony.

  10. I sometimes feel unworthy in the presence of others.

  11. I often find myself arguing with or getting angry with others.

  12. I have no problems complaining about things that aren’t up to standard.

  13. I believe my needs are more important than those of others.

  14. I expect others to adapt to my needs and time schedules.

  15. I often find fault with others

  16. I rarely think about the feelings of others before acting.

  17. I tend to be competitive and get angry if I lose.

  18. I usually get my own way.

  19. I have strong views on most subjects and get them across even if it means not listening to others.

  20. I get irritated when others resist my wishes.

  21. I express my feelings and opinions readily and in constructive ways.

  22. I have no problems retaining friendship and respect when turning down requests.

  23. I don’t feel inadequate when giving concessions to others.

  24. I ask for what I want without getting emotional.

  25. I tend to be calm in the face of aggression and conflict.

  26. I seek win-win solutions when dealing with people.

  27. I respect the viewpoints of others even though I might express disagreement.

  28. I can refuse a request without feeling guilty.

  29. I am aware of the needs of others when I am seeking to fulfil my own needs.

  30. I argue constructively and readily accept views that appear more reasonable than my own.